On The Path Package


On The Path Package


For 10th Graders

Personalized help to ensure that you are on the path to your dream college. You’ll work with your Ivey College Coach to keep building standout credentials, while also beginning to explore the variety of colleges and college options that could be right for you.


The On The Path Package includes:

Coaching:  6 structured one-on-one coaching sessions with your Ivey College Coach.

  • You will be matched with one coach selected just for you and you will work with that coach throughout the process. 
  • Your coaching sessions will last 30-45 minutes each and you will focus in each session on topics related to the college admissions process, building your credentials, and/or exploring colleges.
  • You will have assignments that must be completed before each session.
  • Your coaching sessions will be conducted by phone or Skype.

Out-of-Session Support:  Your Ivey College Coach is working behind the scenes and is always just an email away.

  • Between sessions, your coach does work on your behalf (like identifying activities you might do to improve your activities profile) and you can consult with your Ivey College Coach via email.
  • Your coach will also help you stay on top of things by sending you reminders about your assignments and alerts regarding upcoming sessions.

Strategic Advice and Help: Your Ivey Coach will provide you with expert and personalized strategic advice and help on the following critical topics:

  • An overview of the college admissions process with a grade-by-grade action plan of what to do when.
  • How to develop a standout academic profile — how to boost your academics by improving your performance, adding rigor, or otherwise enhancing your academic credentials.
  • Making smart decisions about the standardized tests — a standardized testing schedule that is right for you.
  • Pursuing activities that showcase what admissions officers want to see — passion, talent, initiative, and impact — both during the school year and in the summer.
  • Learning about the various types of colleges and the type of colleges which might be right for you, including doing some online research, visiting nearby colleges or colleges located where you live or are on vacation, and/or other activities that will give you a taste of college life.

Resources and Tools: Everything you need to get the most out of working with an Ivey College Coach.

  • A personal, private website to communicate with your coach and collect everything related to your work in one place.
  • Free access to assessments that help you identify your strengths and interests, and that can guide your academics, your activities, and your right-fit college options.
  • A set of curated articles, blog postings, and presentations related to building credentials and exploring colleges.
  • A team of experts working behind the scenes to support you and your Ivey College Coach.