2007 Design Lab

I'm a bit of a design nut, and recently I've been salivating over the most beautiful vacuum cleaner I've ever seen (the Electrolux Pronto, pictured over on the left). It's gorgeous, as in iPod gorgeous, although the photo doesn't do it justice.

I've had mine for about a week (lots of dog hair at my place), and I thought I was going to blog about what a great product this is for people still in college, or people who live in small quarters, or people who are too lazy to push around a big, hulking machine, or people whose aesthetic sensibilities weep when they have to look at ugly design every day (twenty-somethings think beautiful design is their birthright, thanks to Michael Graves for Target and Jonathan Ive at Apple).  And then I stumbled on the Electrolux Design Lab, which is even more exciting. It's a design competition for undergraduate and graduate design students around the world, and this year's Design Lab challenges aspiring industrial designers "to create eco-friendly, sustainable household appliances for 2020." How cool is that? The contest closes in 5 days. More design competitions here.