"A gift from the gods" - UVA Law School

Anna Ivey is a gift from the gods. After being wait-listed and finally rejected from University of Virginia School of Law after I applied on my own, I signed up with her and re-applied the following year. Anna performed an extensive background evaluation to brainstorm about potential essay topics and came up with a gem, one that was right in front of me but that I had never considered. Moreover, she helped me structure my essay and tailor it to admissions readers, helping me keep it concise, poignant, and completely devoid of pithy (and pervasive) closers like, "And this is why I want to attend _____ Law School." I can't tell you how many law-school-essay-writing websites drone on and on about things applicants must, and mustn't, include in their personal statements. Ms. Ivey debunked every one of the typical "dos and don'ts" and sliced through the twaddle. She also helped rework what I considered to be a good resume; she clearly made it better. I didn't make the rules of the sickeningly crazy get-into-law-school-game, but she's a great coach in playing it effectively. Results do not lie. I've recommended her to numerous friends and colleagues and would steer any serious applicant her way.

—UVA Law School