A Great Way to Start a Legal Career

This appeal caught my eye today on a discussion board:

Anyone have a PDF for Anna Ivey's Guide to Law School Admissions?

I'd like to take a look at this book but cannot afford a hard copy.

Just for the record: the book costs less than twelve bucks on amazon. I guess there's some universe in which it's worth violating federal copyright law to save twelve bucks -- heck, people do it every day rather than pay 99 cents on iTunes, so this comes as no surprise. I would suggest, however (as one of the posters does too), that this is probably not the most auspicious way to start off a legal career, particularly when that appeal is posted with identifying information.

Honestly I don't make much money off any one copy (you'd be surprised how little authors get), so it's really no skin off my nose, but I promise you: it's a fast read. You could probably hunker down in Barnes & Noble with a cup of coffee and get all the upside of the book without crossing over to the dark side. If you're not willing to shoplift a hard copy of the book from B&N, you shouldn't be willing to steal a copy by electronic means. The analysis is not that complicated.