"A must-have on any aspiring applicant's Christmas wish-list" - Chicago MBA

When I think of Anna Ivey, one word comes to mind: THAUMATURGY, n., the working of miracles or magic feats. Anna is one of the most valuable resources that an applicant has at his or her disposal. First, she really helped me identify what I wanted to get out of my business school experience and target those schools that would best help me achieve those goals. She dissuaded me from applying to certain top-notch schools not because the schools were long-shots, but because she did not feel that I would necessarily be able to maximize my potential there. This was one of the things that most impressed me about working with her, because it takes an exceptional person to tell a client that a certain school is not right for him or her despite what the different rankings may say.

The second value that Anna adds dovetails the first - knowledge. Her in-depth knowledge of the minutiae of the differences between programs and how a student can best demonstrate his or her understanding of those programs is unparalleled. She visits these schools yearly and spends a great deal of the non-application season making sure that she is up-to-date on any new developments in any program.

The third aspect that makes her indispensable is her expertise on all of the facets of the application process. She worked with me to custom tailor a regimen that included mock interviews, methods to prioritize the applications process to meet necessary deadlines, advice on how to best present myself in my application and in person, and even guidance to my recommenders. But the best part was that throughout the whole process she helped me believe in myself and in my ability to achieve dreams that I did not think initially possible. If I had to use her services again, I would easily pay twice as much! She is a without a doubt a must-have on any aspiring applicant's Christmas wish-list.

-Chicago MBA