"Anna is THE ONE" - Emory Law School

I look at Anna Ivey as a sort of savior. I first contacted her duringthe summer of 2003 when I was to begin taking the Testmasters LSAT prep course. I was taking the summer course in preparation for the October 2003 LSAT. I stayed in contact with Anna throughout this time, and she was extremely helpful. By October, I had only raised my LSAT score from a 150 to 159. I had set a goal of a top 25 law school and was far from it. I conferred with Anna on what I should do and made the decision to continue to work on the LSAT and start law school during the fall of 2005, rather than fall 2004. I continued to study for the LSAT and retook the Testmasters course. I sat for the June 2004 LSAT and scored a 165, which while being a good score, didn't exactly guarantee me anything with today's highly competitive admissions cycles. After taking the LSAT, I asked Anna for advice on what to do in the year before I started law school. She advised me to do some community volunteer work and helped me craft a resume that would be looked upon favorably by big law firms (I planned to attain a paralegal position). I ended up leading my own community project that was right in line with my studies, and attained a paralegal position at a major law firm in my area.

While I had a 3.77 GPA and a 165 LSAT, I had a large hurdle to still overcome. During my freshman year of college I had 3 rather serious disciplinary infractions, and was subjected to conduct probation. I knew this would possibly negate my stellar scores and was extremely worried. I sent Anna all documentation of these events and she helped me craft an addendum that would explain these infractions in the best light possible. This was the most difficult thing I had to do and Anna was huge in its turning out successful. Also, the community service project that I started due to Anna's advice ended up being what my personal statement was about. Nearly everyone that has read my personal statement has agreed that is was very personal and that it moved them in some way. This is solely due to Anna giving me the proper direction to take and assisting me in highlighting the best points I could have.

In summation, if there is even a chance that you will spend money on an admissions consultant, Anna is THE ONE. I knew I would need assistance with my application and heavily researched each admissions consultant out there. You don't need to go through all of this, as it can all boil down to one simple question: Which admissions consultants have worked in the role of Dean at a top-10 law school? One - Anna Ivey. I found Anna to always get back to me nearly immediately and to be the epitome of a professional. I've known Anna for about 2 years now and we still keep in touch. Recently, she helped me in drafting a law school resume and cover letter for an internship I am looking to do after my 1L year. While other law school applicants who hired other admissions consultants may have done ok, I doubt they can say they've truly made a friend. As we speak, I have been accepted to 6 consistent Top 25 law schools and even made the wait list at 5 of the Top 14 law schools (including 3 Top 10's). I have also been awarded large scholarships at some of these Top 25 law schools, and at the school I have decided to attend (with Anna's input), my scholarship covers what I paid for Anna's service by more than tenfold.

—Emory Law School