"Breaking the Grass Ceiling"

Enjoyed this article in today's WSJ about a Harvard Business School graduate and former investment banker who now works as one of the country's few female high school football coaches, in Texas no less. An excerpt:

This spring, Ms. Myers interviewed for a job at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas where she had served as the tight ends coach in 2003, the year the team won a Texas state championship for private and parochial schools. She said the team's new head coach, Bill Persinger, told her he couldn't hire her because there are too many people who doubt that a woman truly understands the physical and aggressive nature of football -- or could be capable of imparting it to the players.

Mr. Persinger said he mainly wanted to hire someone with more experience in his offensive system, but that Ms. Myers's gender, and the likely protests that would come from parents if she was hired, were factors in the decision, too.

To get her current job at Prince of Peace, she disguised her gender by applying under the name S. "Chuck" Myers. Doug Pevehouse, who had just been hired to start a football program at the private Christian school in the Dallas suburb of Carrollton, said he had no idea what the initial stood for. "If it would have said Susan, I probably wouldn't have called," he said.

What's next? Condoleezza Rice as NFL commissioner?