CNN Dissing Blonde Chicks

Apparently CNN thinks that your hair color is relevant to being fired, at least if you're young, blonde, and female. Its headline for the news that Donald Trump gave one of his judges-slash-panelists the heave-ho:

Trump tells Carolyn: 'You're fired!' Kepcher, blonde assistant of 'The Apprentice,' loses job after Trump tires of her.

Interesting. George Ross had the same exact role on the show as Carolyn. He sat to The Donald's right at the conference table, while Carolyn sat to his left, and together the three of them grilled and reemed the contestants. Rather than refer to George as Trump's "assistant," though, the same article refers to him as "the 78-year-old real estate lawyer." No word on the color of his remaining strands. (I say that with fondness. I love George.) Permit me some vicarious indignation.