Denied Everywhere Redux: Apply to Colleges with Seats for Fall 2011

In my decision series, I tackled what you should do if you were denied by every college to which you applied.  For those of you who have decided that you still want to go to college in the fall, there is good news.  After the May deposit deadline passes, some colleges discover that they have seats available and will accept applications to fill those seats.  

How do you find out which colleges are taking applications to fill empty seats?  Check out the list maintained by the National Association for College and Admission Counseling (NACAC).  This list is updated from now until July 1.  If you find a college on the list where you would like to apply, get on it right away!!!  

  • Contact the college (contact info linked on NACAC list) to find out what application materials you should submit and get them submitted.  
  • Contact your high school counselor and let him/her know you are applying.  He/she can give you help and guidance.  Be sure and request that your counselor submits the necessary school documentation right away. 

Alison Cooper Chisolm heads the college admissions consulting practice at Ivey Consulting. She came to private consulting after working in admissions for more than 10 years at three selective universities (most recently at Dartmouth College). Follow Alison on Twitter (@IveyCollege)