Having Babies in Law School

Law.com posts an interesting article about the phenomenon of law school students deciding to have babies while they're still in school. Smart move. They recognize that they'll never have that kind of flexibility and control over their schedules again, especially if they end up at big, fancy law firms. Still, it's one thing to know, in the abstract, what you're in for, and another thing entirely to live it day-to-day. I wonder about the new mother they profile who is about to graduate and head off to Skadden. Skadden! Talk about an extreme "lifestyle." I remember suffering through a law firm retreat -- women only, so that we could all feel better about ourselves -- and hearing one of the partners announce proudly how grateful she was to the firm that they respected her need to spend the hour between 7 and 8 pm every night with her new baby, that they agreed to treat that one hour as sacrosanct. They knew they could call her before, or after, but not during that one hour with her child. I have such fondness for some of those partners, and I know it was meant as a rah-rah retreat, but the lesson I took away was that if you stay at a big firm long enough, you start behaving like a beaten dog. (Or like a kidnap victim with Stockholm Syndrome. Take your pick.)