"I recommend Anna to anyone who needs the extra kick in their app" - Chicago MBA

During the summer before I applied, I knew that I had the background, GPA, and resume to be a viable candidate for most B-schools. However, with a GMAT score under 700 and only two years of full-time work experience, I was unsure about my chances of getting into the top few. This is when I approached Anna for help.

Anna was honest from the get-go. She admitted that my concerns were valid. However, after she learned more about my background, she also felt that top-notch essays and a polished application would give me a good shot. We managed our expectations early on and set about to work.

The MBA application process is grueling, frustrating, and often lonely. Anna played many roles - she was a knowledgeable b-school advisor, a great editor, and always an upbeat cheerleader. Anna is dedicated to helping clients produce the best application they can.

When I was accepted to U Chicago, the dean of admissions at the time, Don Martin, personally commented on my "great app." With Anna's advice and insight, I was able to create an application package at the highest level.

I recommend Anna to anyone who seeks support and needs the extra kick in their app.

-Chicago MBA