"Made a significant difference in getting accepted the second time around" - Kellogg MBA

Having applied previously and not been accepted to Kellogg, I knew that I had to approach my applications differently the next time around. On the recommendation of a few friends, I got in touch with Anna. She evaluated my previous applications and pointed out the areas in which those applications were weakest.

Over several months, we worked together to refine and tighten up the applications in a way that better presented who I am and why I wanted to pursue an MBA. With her professional background, Anna was able to explain to me how to present myself best to the admissions committee and separate myself from the other applicants, which as an investment banker applying to business school can be tough. She was able to help me develop applications that reflected those unique contributions that I would be able to make to an MBA class -- contributions that I had not previously identified on my own; or at least emphasized.

Beyond her efforts at helping me develop the overarching themes of my applications, Anna was great at helping out with the "nitty-gritty" of the application process, such as helping me find ways to make my essays fit into the often restrictive word count requirements. Her all around help truly made a significant difference, in my opinion, in my getting accepted to Kellogg the second time around.

-Kellogg MBA