Many Distractions Await December LSAT Test-Takers

Today’s LSAT advice comes from our friends at Blueprint LSAT Prep. Blueprint offers live LSAT prep classes throughout the country and online LSAT classes for those who want to study from the couch.

Though the December LSAT still might seem to be an eternity away, the December 1 test date is notorious for sneaking up on people. If you’re not careful, it will creep up on you faster than Jason Voorhees in the woods around Camp Crystal Lake.

More so than any other LSAT, students tend to find themselves underprepared for the December LSAT. A challenge that many December LSAT test-takers face is being in school while studying. October test-takers have the summer to study, and February test-takers have Christmas break, but those taking the December test typically have to do the bulk of studying while in school.

This means that your studying regime must be intense starting now, because before you know it, midterms, projects, and finals will be piled high. Since October and November are typically very demanding months academically, students often find themselves neglecting their LSAT preparation. The problem is the LSAT wants to be treated like a princess. If you don’t shower the LSAT with lavish gifts and constant attention, that high-maintenance prima donna will burn you. 

Besides school, studying for the December LSAT can be plagued by various other distractions. Fall is marked by Halloween parties, Thanksgiving getaways, and Christmas celebrations. Try not to get too wrapped up in what costume to wear for Halloween or what brand of grill to buy your parents. When your LSAT score is on the line, it’s imperative not to get sidetracked by the hoopla that comes along with the holidays.

Take advantage of Thanksgiving break. You will have a solid five days free from school, so don’t waste it by sleeping 20 hours a day or blow it on a weekend trip to Vegas. Ideally, you won’t be traveling at all over Thanksgiving break. It’s nearly impossible to get solid studying done when you’re out of town, so consider canceling any Thanksgiving travel plans that you may have in the works. Sorry, grandma.

There’s still plenty of time to master the LSAT, but December 1 is coming faster than you realize, so consider yourself warned. Hold off on the festivities. Now is the time to kick the studying into high gear.

Besides, you can make up for the lost partying come New Year’s Eve.

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