New Logic Games Book... and Discount for Ivey Files Readers

It may not be time to start preparing for the June LSAT, but it’s definitely time to start preparing to prepare. If books are your preferred medium for LSAT study, we’ve got a brand new one you’ll want to add to your pre-prep shopping list.

Enter The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games — a 565-page deluge of study guide awesome sauce. If logic games were a lion, this book would be sparkly pants, a whip, and a chair. That makes you a lion tamer. Look at you, lion tamer. 

The book utilizes “Blueprint Building Blocks” for tackling the dreaded Analytical Reasoning section. Using the same insight and humor found in the Blueprint LSAT Prep course, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games breaks down 35 real Logic Games released by Law Services and shows you how to efficiently classify and dissect any game type.

Each book also comes with a free Blueprint LSAT Prep account so readers can log into Blueprint’s website for a year after purchase and watch fully-animated HD video explanations for every game in the book. The videos are the same as those used in Blueprint’s online LSAT prep course and feature Blueprint co-founder Matt Riley. Matt authored the Blueprint Logic Games curriculum and has never missed a Logic Games question on a real LSAT. 

Analytical Reasoning can be one of the most intimidating sections on the already menacing LSAT, but it’s also one with a lot of potential for improvement The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games — available now through June 1st for the introductory price of $49.99 — shows you exactly how to do it.

Now go out and show that oversized Logic Games feline how to behave.  

For more information on The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games, visit Blueprint’s LSAT book page.