Take Your Family to College Week

It's bad enough that parents have muscled in on college orientation for incoming freshmen; now colleges are recruiting younger siblings to join in this rite of passage for a "very early recruiting pitch to potential students" and what another school acknowledged was "glorified babysitting." More in today's Boston Globe ("College Orientation Gets Family-Friendly").

I'm trying to remember back to the olden days when I left for college. I remember boarding a plane in Frankfurt (alone), flying into JFK, making my way to Columbia on the Upper West Side of New York, and settling into Bain Hall. That would be inconceivable today.

As usual, this is all about the parents, who want to feel needed long into their children's adulthood and relive their college days. As one school administrator in the article put it: ""It's a marketing tool for our school, but it was created out of necessity for the parents."

Also revealing: ""This campus can be a great playground," says Boston University's Dean of Students. And here I thought BU aspired to break into the ranks of world-class universities.

College freshmen are mistaken if they think that they are starting a new, adult chapter in their lives, and they can be excused for thinking that they are embarking on something other than a serious educational endeavor.

Next up? I'm sure Merrill Lynch will start inviting seven-year-old siblings to come to work, too.