"The best thing about Anna's service is the peace of mind" - Top 10 Law School

I spent 2 months banging my head against a brick wall trying to come up with a good personal statement before I got smart and contacted Anna. The crux of my dilemma was an uneasiness to talk about certain obstacles that have shaped who I am. I didn't want to sound like I was whining or asking for pity so I ignored the matter completely. Once I went through Anna's detailed brainstorm questionnaire, I realized that my PS didn't touch on anything meaningful. It was blah. Anna encouraged me to switch my topic and I reluctantly agreed (kicking and screaming the entire way). With her guidance, I spent one night writing a PS that was far superior to my 2-month tome! Later, Anna pretty much destroyed and rebuilt my resume, the one part of my application that I thought didn't need much work.

Anna helped me develop a PS and supporting essays that were grammatically/structurally correct while also honest and professional. She helped me create a resume that was clear, concise, and powerful. She helped me highlight my strengths and explain my weaknesses in an honest manner that amounted to advocacy but not egotism.

The best thing about Anna's service is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that my application was simply a strong and true reflection of who I am. I didn't lose any sleep wondering if the ad coms would reject me because my resume lacked the right power verbs or because I didn't package my application correctly. Thanks to Anna's experience as Dean of Admissions, she knows exactly what ad coms look for when reviewing applications. I didn't mind rejections, as long as they were based on my merits and story, not superficial matters that often times makes the difference between acceptance and rejection. Fortunately, the rejection never came. I was accepted into my top choice (a top ten school) despite a GPA that fell well below the school's 25th percentile. I credit Anna for helping me get in and for maintaining my sanity during the application process.

—Top Ten Law School