The Capitol "Skintern" Controversy Heats Up... Again

Congressman Mark Foley has just resigned as a result of improper emails and instant messages directed at a former intern, and no doubt the Capitol Hill "skintern" controversy will heat up again. In July, the Washinton Post published "Showing Off a Bit of Skin" on the subject, and Good Morning America had a whole segment about skimpily-clad interns flaunting their goods to get ahead ("Skinterns: Shedding Clothes in Hopes of Landing a Job"), while DC blogger Wonkette has a whole blog category called "skinterns." Even the London Times took notice.I doubt that the poor (underage) page being hit on by Congressman Foley was showing a whole lot of skin, but even if he had been a "skintern," so what? Employers should know better than to lech after their interns, whether on the Hill or anywhere else. That being said, someone needs to tell the Capitol Hill Hotties to PUT ON SOME DAMN CLOTHES.