The Ivey Guide to the Stanford Application is here!

We're excited to announce our latest book, The Ivey Guide to the Stanford Application. Are you already envisioning yourself in Cardinal Red? Fantastic! You and lots of other people. With an acceptance rate below 5%, how do you make your Stanford application stand out? The Ivey Guide to the Stanford Application offers you the strategies and tips you need to make the Stanford application work for you and show you off at your very best. Brought to you by Alison Chisolm and Anna Ivey, the authors of How to Prepare a Standout College Application, this e-book focuses just on the Stanford application: the Common App form, the Common App essays, the Stanford Supplement form, and the Stanford Supplement essays, all optimized to work seamlessly together specifically for Stanford. Alison and Anna's advice is ruthlessly practical – they don’t pull any punches about what Stanford expects on your application, and the book is organized to make it easy for you to use as you are working on your application. Onward and upward!