The MBA Value Proposition

The Forté Foundation, whose goal is to see more women with MBAs, offers a new podcast series called "The MBA Value Proposition." I have attended one of their forums and generally like their advice and the resources and information they make available.

Not surprisingly, their take is that all women can benefit from an MBA, and as readers of my blog know, I don't view the value proposition of any graduate degree that categorically, for men or for women. MBA degrees do offer benefits, but "value" doesn't really have any meaning if one ignores the cost side of a cost-benefit analysis (and I refer to "cost" broadly -- time, lost income, tuition, opportunity costs/opportunities not taken). So the podcast is a bit misnamed, but a good starting point.

In this first podcast, a lot of the discussion about the benefit of an MBA comes from business school admissions officers, and I would caution listeners that the job of admissions officers is to generate more applications and encourage as many people as possible to apply. As always, consider your sources.