What We Do

College doesn't really prepare us all that well for our transition intothe working world. Some of the issues we routinely tackle with our career coaching clients:

  • Not sure what to do with yourself after graduation?
  • Having trouble figuring out what careers are the best match for you?
  • Feel as if you're getting a late start in your job search?
  • Are you selecting the right classes, summer jobs, internships, and research opportunities to position yourself for the kind of career you want?
  • Are you worried about debt holding you back after you graduate?
  • Are you burned out on the jobs you've had since graduation and wondering what the next steps should be?
  • Are you having trouble making the transition into the working world?
  • Are you debating whether a graduate degree will add value for you?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your job, your company, or your career and wondering how to realize your potential?
  • Are you striking out in your job search?

We offer phone and in-person counseling to help you think through your options, figure out where you want to go, and help you get from here to there. We offer packages to help you with your job search (resume, cover letters, interview prep) as well as professional assessment tests to learn about your core skills and preferences.

We draw on various members of the Anna Ivey Consulting team on an as needed basis depending on a particular client's career interests. Meet our team.

Frequently Asked Questions