What We Do

As a former graduate school admissions officer, Anna has seen justabout every way that people do college right, and how they go off course and try to recover. Some people take longer to land on their feet when they first get to college and need more time than others to adapt. Other people encounter bumps in the road that they weren't anticipating. And still others just want to be methodical about getting the most out of their college experience and the hefty tuition they're paying and give themselves as many options as possible when they graduate.

Some of the opportunities and challenges we help people with include:

  • Choosing courses and majors
  • Switching majors
  • Thinking about what skills you want to develop in college
  • Studying abroad
  • Planning ahead for graduate school
  • Planning ahead for the working world
  • Transitioning from community college to a four-year college
  • Struggling with grades, study methods, or disciplinary problems
  • Cultivating productive relationships with professors, administrators, roommates, and parents
  • Pursuing pre-professional training
  • Striking the right balance between academics, extracurriculars, and social activities
  • Protecting the health of your transcript when you're dealing with medical, financial, relationship or other problems that threaten to undermine your academic performance
  • Deciding whether to take a leave of absence

We offer phone and in-person counseling to help you get the most out of your college experience.

Meet our Academic Counseling team.