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Generation Y's transition from college and grad school into the working world has been a bumpy one, to put it politely. "Extended adolescence" is real, "helicopter parents" are real, and organizations that hire twenty-somethings are finding that many of them don't walk and talk and act like adults. Making them fit for the professional world now falls on the shoulders of corporate America, where older and wiser managers are struggling to find the best ways to recruit, manage, "professionalize," groom, and retain Gen Y.

Whatever kind of business or organization you run, 70-million strong Generation Y is going to be at the heart of your success or failure, so you have no choice but to figure out what makes them tick. You won't be able to "hire around" the quirks of your next generation of employees and future leaders.

Anna Ivey has been living Generation Y every day. She counsels them as they navigate the working world after college and as they run off to graduate school to escape that world for a few more years. All day long she hears their biggest complaints and their dreams for the good life. Here's a sample of some of the things she has learned about the habits and tribal customs of today's twenty-somethings and the best ways to capture their hearts and minds at work.

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