Out After Curfew — Do You Have to Disclose?

Our friends at Blueprint Test Prep sent along this question from one of their students:

Three days before my 18th birthday, I was caught being out at night after curfew. There was no drinking or anything like it involved. The police made me wait for my parents to come get me, same with my friends.

The told me they were giving me a warning, but I never received any type of documentation so was led to believe it was verbal.

MBA Admissions Tip: Know Your Audience

As Round 1 deadlines approach fast, applicants are coming to understand that applying to business school is an incredibly demanding process.  In addition to taking the GMAT, assembling academic transcripts and providing recommendation letters, candidates are required to draft multiple essays, job descriptions, lists of activities and more.

With the obvious incentive to save time wherever possible, it’s understandable that many applicants simply cut and paste content from an existing resume and write about their work in the manner that comes most naturally.

How To Use Practice Tests In Your LSAT Prep

Today’s advice comes from our friends at Blueprint LSAT Prep. Blueprint students can enroll in live LSAT prep classes throughout the country, online LSAT courses from the comfort of their own home, or self-study with Blueprint’s new Logic Games book

Practice tests are (and should be) an important component of any LSAT study schedule, but they’re also commonly misused.

52 Weeks to College: Week 9 — Finalizing Your First Application

It’s the last week in August and you are either already back at school or just days away from starting. Everything is accelerating and intensifying and that’s why we hope you are well underway with your college applications by now.

If you’ve been following the 52 Weeks plan, then you are ready to finalize your first application, revise your second, and get started on your third!

52 Weeks to College — Week 8: Revising Essays

Now that you have at least a week of drafting essays behind you, you are ready to tackle the next phase of the writing process – revising. Revising is its own art, so our tips and tricks this week focus on how to do it well.<!--break-->

Week 8 To-Dos 

This Week and Every Week

  • Check your email, voicemail, texts, and snail mail for any communications that relate to applying to college.

52 Weeks to College: Week 7 — Drafting Your Essays

Last week, you entered the “crank it out” phase of applying to college. Most applicants have no problem getting to work on the basics of the college application, but get stuck when it comes to writing the essays. Applicants who get stuck procrastinate. Procrastination is the enemy of the standout application. So this week we give you some tips and tricks to keep you from getting stuck. 


52 Weeks to College: Week 6 — Ready, Set, Go! Your College Application Marathon Starts Now

Ready. You’ve made your big decisions, you’ve done your pre-work, and you have a plan. You are now ready to apply to college.

Set. College applications for the 2013-2014 application year are now available and the Common Application is live.

Go! From now until the end of December, it is all about cranking out the applications. This week you start running the college application marathon.


Anna's Law School Application Workshops

Are you a natural-born test taker? No? Then you and I are birds of a feather. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth when I took the LSAT, and I'm glad I don't have to take that sucker ever again. I leave LSAT prep in the capable hands of Blueprint, with whom I'm teaming up to provide law school application workshops throughout August (three in California, one in New York, and one in DC).

52 Weeks to College: Week 5 — Get Started on the Common Application

This week marks the official launch of the college application year because the Common Application (Common App) goes live on August 1. Thanks to the work you’ve done over the last four weeks, you are ready to go. Congratulations! This week, you’ll get started on the Common App, while continuing to make progress on other application related tasks.


Week 5 To-Dos

This Week and Every Week

  • Check your email, voicemail, texts, and snail mail for any communications that relate to applying to college.

MBA Admissions Tip: Planning for the R1 MBA Deadlines

Anyone who’s familiar with the MBA application process knows that August moves forward at an accelerated pace, and come September, entire weeks seem to disappear.  To help this year’s Round One applicants avoid the classic time crunch, today’s blog post offers some basic advice on how to approach the Round One deadlines at a reasonable pace.

Let’s start by taking a quick look some of at the published Round One deadlines for the top MBA programs:

September 9: Harvard
September 15: Oxford Stage 1, ISB
September 17: Duke/Fuqua Early Action
September 19: Cambridge/Judge 
September 23: MIT Sloan
September 24: INSEAD 
September 25: Chicago/Booth
October 1: Wharton, Cornell/Johnson, Stanford, UC Berkeley/Haas
October 5: CMU/Tepper
October 6: Ross
October 7: IESE
October 8: Columbia Early Decision & J-Term, Tuck Early Action
October 10: Georgetown/McDonough, UVA/Darden
October 14: NYU Stern, UT Austin/McCombs
October 17: UNC/Kenan-Flagler Early Action
October 22: UCLA Anderson

Though some schools have yet to announce their deadlines (such as London Business School and USC/Marshall), one can still get a general sense of the lineup of R1 deadlines.

52 Weeks to College: Week 4 — Create a Tailored Application Strategy for Each College on Your List

Here’s a basic question for you. If you are planning on applying to 10 colleges and 9 of them accept the Common Application and 1 has its own application, how many applications do you have to complete? Many, if not most, applicants would answer "2" — the Common Application and the other application.

It’s a reasonable answer, but it’s the wrong answer.

Welcome David, a New Addition to Our College Admissions Team

Please say hello to David Jewett, a new addition to our college admissions team. David most recently served as an admissions officer at Tufts and has also taught in the Boston Public Schools. He majored in Earth and Planetary Sciences as an undergrad at Harvard (smartypants, I mean really), and outside of work loves theater, carpentry, and sailing. Welcome, David!

Learn more about David here