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52 Weeks to College: Week 2 — Make Your Decisions about Where You Are Applying

Applying to college requires you to make some big decisions. This week you need to make some of the biggest of the big decisions. You need to decide where you are applying to college, and where, if anywhere, you are going to apply early. Read on for your full list of to-dos for the week, along with tips and tricks for getting it all done.

<!--break-->Week 2 To-Dos 

This Week and Every Week

  • Check your email, voicemail, texts, and snail mail for any communications that relate to applying to college.

Architects Discover Generation Y (and What That Means for Generation Debt)

One of the really interesting things about Gen Y is how dramatically its preferences are driving changes in everything from workplace policies to luxury goods marketing to real estate development.

Last week, I headed over to the Boston Society of Architects to hear a talk by a woman named Persis Rickes about ways in which architects who design for universities need to be thinking about what Gen Y wants out of its academic and living spaces.