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Law School Waitlists and LOCIs

Law School Waitlists and LOCIs

Schools keep very deep waitlists. The odds of getting an offer from one of them are slim. Do prepare mentally to attend the school where you have already put down your deposit, or make other plans altogether. (You do not have to go to law school.) But don't let law schools string you along and mess with your head all summer like a bad ex. Manage your expectations.

My Grad School Recommender Wants Me to Write My Own Letter

My Grad School Recommender Wants Me to Write My Own Letter

Have you summoned up the courage to ask a professor or an employer for a recommendation, only to have that person say, "Sure, send me a draft and I'll sign it?"

That happens a lot, mostly with professional recommenders, but sometimes too with professors. It puts applicants in quite a pickle.

Because it's so common, applicants often turn around and ask if we can help them with those recommendation drafts.

Stressful Situation #1,602: Law School Deposits

Stressful Situation #1,602: Law School Deposits

Fascinating. I get more anxiety-stricken messages this time of year than when you are working on your applications or even taking the LSAT. 

Are you stressed out now that deposit deadlines are looming? You are not alone. And of course it's stressful, because you're being forced to do something that is painful for a lot people: You have to COMMIT TO AN OPTION and LET OTHER ONES GO.

Good News for February LSAT Takers

What a glorious week all you February LSAT takers are waking up to. Exhausted, curled up, wrung out? Take heart, you could be these people over in Boston:

Twitter: @OnlyInBOS

Here's some of the best news, though. For many years I've been banging the drum to apply EARLY, EARLY, EARLY in the admissions cycle. Recently, though, it's been more of a finger tapping. 

Many people who submitted their applications last fall are already getting acceptances, so that hasn't changed, and that's a nice bonus for them.

Finding Your Voice

Some nice feedback on working with our consultant Greg, from an applicant headed to a T14 law school:

Greg, I am absolutely delighted to let you know that I have been accepted at _________  [T14 law school]!! It is honestly a dream come true for me.  _______ was a reach school for me, as I fell right along the median for GPA, but slightly below for the LSAT.