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My Dad's Been Deported — Should I Attach Documentation to My GPA Addendum?

Hi Anna, During my sophomore year my dad was arrested by the United States immigration and deported which affected my focus and therefore my gpa during that period. I wrote about this in a gpa addendum, should I also try to get a letter from ICE if possible as proof of his deportation, for admission to the bar? Or is it not necessary?

I'm sorry to hear about your dad.

Order Your Academic Summary Report Now

I've been talking to big groups of law school applicants recently, and when I ask for a show of hands to find out how many people already have their Academic Summary Reports, very few hands go up. Sometimes none.

So today's post is in the spirit of a public service announcement: Send your transcripts to LSAC now so that they can process your Academic Summary Report sooner rather than later.

That's for a couple of reasons:<!

How Does an "Absent" Look If You Missed the Deadline to Postpone Your LSAT Test Date?

Edited on May 12, 2011 to add: LSAC has reversed itself and the date-change policy has changed again. Please see here for an update.


The December 2010 LSAT test date change (postponement) deadline is today (if you're changing the date by mail, phone, or fax) and Sunday (if you're changing the date online).

I recently had an interesting and impromptu email exchange with LSAT guru Steve Schwartz, author of the LSAT Blog, in which we discussed what happens if you miss the postponement deadline, and whether you should cancel your score or have your record show an absence.

"International Law": Believe the Hype?

"International Law": Believe the Hype?

I've written previously about the obsession among law school applicants with "international law" (which they can't even define, in most cases), and how law schools are responding to that obsession by slapping the "international" label on everything possible and furiously peddling their study abroad programs.

The "international" label is a great marketing tool for law schools, and they are no doubt responding rationally to demand from applicants for whom they compete.