Care and Attention

We are very proud of M - he’s worked hard in a number of areas to put himself in a great position. We can’t believe he’s going off to college so soon! We are equally excited about him getting into a challenging environment in the US and making the most of the experience.

We really want to thank you for all your care and attention to M over the past four years. We think you’ve had a tremendous impact on his focus, planning and goal setting which has materialized into great accomplishments. As a result, what should have been overwhelming and stressful - applying to colleges -- has been somewhat anticlimactic in a good way. Being proactive and having a plan has put M in this position.

Also, your advice to us on school choice has been invaluable.  Pomona wouldn’t have been on the top of our list (or on our list) when this process started, but now we truly feel that Pomona will be a tremendous fit for M and we feel good about his decision.  

We need to talk about our 7th grader next!