Happy News from Berkeley, NYU, Duke, UCLA, and Michigan

UPDATE: I've gotten accepted to Berkeley, NYU, University of Michigan (with a Dean's Scholarship: $120,000 total), Duke, UCLA, Davis, and UC Hastings.  

Before my initial consultation with Janeille, I submitted nearly fifteen pages of personal anecdotes responsive to the Ivey questionnaire. Even though I threw in the kitchen sink, Janeille’s insightful follow-up questions tapped into aspects of my background which I had not even considered as potential personal statement topics. Going into the process, I had preconceived notions of what a law school statement is supposed to convey. Thus, I tried to force my life experiences into borrowed narrative arcs, which made my writing come across as derivative and clichéd. Not only did Janeille help me select life experiences that would best capture my unique perspective and personal development, she also encouraged me to communicate those experiences in an authentic and fresh voice.   

Janeille’s guidance is invaluable, especially when one is applying to top law schools known for their holistic review processes.  For instance, the Dean of my top choice, Berkeley Law, has stated that the personal statement is the first thing he reviews, even before an applicant’s GPA and LSAT score. When I got a call from the Dean congratulating me on my admittance to Berkeley just a month after submitting my application, I knew my essays must have made an impression on the admissions committee!

I doubt my application would have been as strong without Janeille’s help, and I cannot thank her enough.