Paying a seat deposit to a school in the top ten with the help of Vince

When I first started preparing my law school applications, I hadn't a clue where to start. I knew I needed a solid GPA and LSAT score to be admitted to some of the best law schools in the country, but I didn't know how to put together a comprehensive application that highlighted my strengths while minimizing my weaknesses.

I didn't know how to craft well written resumes or personal statements because I didn't know what schools desired. With Vincent's advice and direction, we pieced together my background using the questionnaire provided to craft an exceptional personal statement that truly represented my story. Draft after draft of personal statements, resumes, and addenda helped me put together an exceptional package. Throughout the entire process, Vincent was thoughtful and attentive to my needs, always nudging me in the right direction when I didn't know where to turn. Were it not for Vincent's guidance, my chances at the schools to which I have been admitted could very well have been nil.

When I finally received my second LSAT score (81st percentile), I was highly disappointed. I knew I would effectively be ruled out of most, if not all of the top 25 schools because 75% (a greater percentage is more likely) of previously admitted students at these schools had a higher LSAT score than I did. As an applicant with a high GPA and mediocre LSAT, I felt like all the hard work in college, on my personal statement, and application materials would amount to nothing because in the end, a good majority of law schools are primarily concerned with applicants' numbers (LSAT more than GPA). I am fortunate enough to say I was wrong.

As of now, I have been admitted to schools in the top tier, including one in the top 25 with a scholarship. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find myself paying a seat deposit to a remarkable institution, a school in the top 10 that I only applied to on an impulse! By far my top choice given my LSAT score and geographic location, I haven't quite recovered from the astonishment. To say this school was a "reach" is an understatement and then some. My application to this single school was nothing less than a "Hail Mary" pass play, to use a football analogy. With the help of Vincent and Ivey Consulting, I threw a very, very good pass.

—Top 10 law school