Reached Vassar

I think it’s obvious how much I love C. First she’s a girl. That makes all dads protective by nature. Secondly, she’s such a sweet spirit and I know the world will be unkind at times. I’m protective and it’s hard to let someone take the wheel on something so important as her college choices. But for the record, let me say the following with a huge smile on my face:

  • You were right that she didn’t need to take an extra class in 12th grade.
  • You were right that after being devastated by her SAT score that the assessment test may indicate that she would do better on the ACT.
  • You were incredibly insightful to guide us towards small liberal arts colleges. I didn’t make the connection to the Montessori background but you did and I think she will be MUCH happier than going to a large research university.
  • When I looked at your Spring break choices, the idea of driving to Vassar was very unpleasant. But when we got there, we all knew that it was different than every place we had been. I was concerned that it would get her hopes up. But I knew it was a highly selective school and it might be a motivator to her.

I could continue but I realize you have other clients and for them, the journey is still going on. It was not easy to hand the wheel over to C and you and just observe. I observed as much as I could. I can raise my hand and say that I took your advice and I never looked at her essays until after they were submitted.

The essay about _____ made me cry. It was perfect and so hard to read as a parent. I loved it. C’s poem may have been risky to send but it was a perfect compliment to her common app essay. It painted the picture of a great girl dealing with her own challenges but confident nevertheless.

I will admit that I initially hated her “why vassar? essay. I thought it was to immature at first. And then I realized that, yeah, it’s written from the perspective of a teenage girl who fell in love with a place when she didn’t expect to. I read it a second time last weekend and it also moved me to tears. OK, all three of her submissions did so either they were heartfelt, I’m a wimp, or all of the above. :)

All we can hope for is to provide a way for our kids to stand on their parents shoulders and reach higher than we were able to do ourselves. Through her hardwork and your help, she has reached and grabbed Vassar.  It’s a dream come true. :)