She is able to take rough work to greatness

When I began the law school application process, I knew I wanted additional assistance to create a polished, professional product for schools. I chose Anna because of her experience as a law student and more importantly her knowledge of the admissions process, given her experience as the Dean of Admissions of University of Chicago Law School.

From our initial telephone conferences and email exchanges, I knew that the overall quality of my application materials would increase immensely. She learns your strengths and weaknesses — both academically and personally — and maximizes the positive aspects and minimizes the weak. In my case, my GPA and activities were outstanding but a low LSAT made for an uphill battle. Together we planned accordingly to overcome this obstacle.

Ms. Ivey treated me with the utmost respect and my education aspirations as paramount (despite the fact I was not a top-tier candidate statistically). She is able to take rough work to greatness and great work to perfection. I highly recommend her and her services to anyone involved in any application process.

—Law school applicant