College Financial Aid: Were You Stymied by Computer Problems?

Some of you probably waited until the last minute to complete your CSS Financial Aid Profile on the College Board's site.  If you did, you may have found yourself caught in severe slowdowns and intermittent outages on Sunday, January 31st.  According to the College Board, the problems started at about 5.30p EST and were not resolved until midnight (in other words, right at the February 1st deadline).

If you were one of those students affected, you need to confirm with each college that your PROFILE application was processed and submitted by the deadline.  If the college received it late, explain your problem and ask that the deadline be waived.  The College Board has notified schools that there were problems, so you may find mercy.  If the college did not receive it, resubmit it along with any documentation showing that you thought it had been submitted by the deadline.