"Confidence and peace of mind..."

I just want to thank you for recommending Greg to help me with the application process. I couldn't be more pleased with his work. His advice on the essays has been straightforward and insightful. I took a couple of wrong turns with the personal statement. His responses to those first few drafts not only showed me which parts weren't working, but also guided me in a new direction that showcased my personality and experience, and gave a clear argument for my decision to go to law school. When I ran into roadblocks in the writing process, Greg's comments offered fresh inspiration. As a result, I finished the essays quickly and (relatively) painlessly. For someone who hasn't written an essay in years, this was a welcome surprise.

You told me when we spoke on the phone that Greg would have a good understanding of how to handle the academic probation and legal issues, and you were right. My first draft of the academic probation addendum was even more misguided than my first few personal statements. I would have sealed my fate many times over had I submitted that version to anyone. The final draft, which took only a day of revisions to put together, shows maturity and perspective. Hopefully it will inspire some admissions officers to look past that issue.

I have to admit that when I signed up for the "Second Stage", I worried I might regret spending that much money. The confidence and peace of mind though has been well worth the expense. Thanks again for your help (and Greg's), and best of luck with Ivey Consulting.

- JD applicant (waiting for results)