"Delivered More Than Promised"

Working two jobs and getting my family ready to move to another state for law school doesn't leave me much time for writing unsolicited reviews of products or services.  However, working with Anna Ivey was such a delight that I am compelled to share a few thoughts. What made the time with Anna so extraordinary?  At least four things.  First, her personality.  I found Anna to be irrepressibly friendly and--without missing a beat--completely professional.  Second, the seriousness with which she took her task.  Anna read my material so carefully and became so familiar with my background that I was taken back by her command of the small details of my life.  (I actually went back and mentally reviewed what I had sent her to verify that she hadn't done additional research about me!)  Third, her unbiased stance.  Some of Anna's counsel I liked, some of it I didn't like.  But it was reassuring to find someone who would tell me what I needed to hear, even when it wasn't what I wanted to hear.  Finally, her advice, which was borderline prescient.  Anna gave me a focused list of schools where she said I should apply.  I ended up sinking a lot of time and money applying to some of her schools, plus a bunch of others.  After plenty of thrashing about, not only am I going to a school from her short-list, but I'm going there for the reasons that Anna told me I should go there. In my experience, I found only one discrepancy between Anna Ivey as advertised and Anna Ivey in reality:  she delivered more than what she promised.

- Indiana University Law School, Indianapolis