"Helping you convey your unique brand" - Harvard MBA

I entered the MBA application process believing that my academic and professional background positioned me well for the top MBA programs in the country. But a challenging economy had sparked one of the most competitive and unpredictable application cycles in decades, so I turned to Anna for her counsel to navigate this environment.

In my view, the most challenging aspect of the MBA application process is surveying one's complete academic, professional, and personal history, gleaning the most informative and illuminating experiences, and connecting and communicating them effectively through often vague essay prompts, limited recommendation submissions, and narrow interview windows. This is where Anna's expertise and experience can be invaluable. She will help you identify your strengths and leverage them so that the contents of your application-your essays, recommendations, and interviews-harmoniously convey your unique "brand."

Whether you believe you are a shoe-in, borderline, or long-shot candidate, I advise you seek Anna's guidance. You'll be glad you did.

-Harvard MBA