Ideology and Admissions

We received the following question from a blog reader and future law school applicant:

I have some concerns and don't know who to turn to for some solid honest advice. I am starting a one year program at a youth centered clinic predominantly focused on family planning and reproductive health. I will be a health educator there who will see the patients before they see the doctor.

Will more conservative law schools be hesitant to accept me based on such endeavors?  Obviously there is controversy around sex education and abortion. At the same time I think, "would I want to go to a school that would consider this a con to my application?"

I really don't know what to think of this, or how to approach it, especially in terms of my application. HELP!

Most law schools want well-rounded, diverse student bodies that represent a wide range of beliefs, backgrounds, and goals. Many law schools are actually somewhat left-leaning. Some schools have fewer women's or LGBT groups on campus, and a handful of law schools prohibit reproductive rights groups from getting official sanction and/or school funding. All applicants should consider what schools would be good fits for them, given their individual interests and values. Our advice to applicants is that the fit should go both ways. I hope that helps! Please leave a comment if any of you want to share your thoughts.


Nicole Vikan is a graduate of NYU Law School. She spent her first law school summer at a large law firm, and her second summer in the Homicide Investigation Unit at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. She returned to the District Attorney's Office after graduation and spent five years as a criminal prosecutor, handling cases such as robbery and assault. Nicole then joined Fordham Law School's Career Planning Center, where she advised students seeking employment in the private and public sectors. She is currently a career counselor at Georgetown Law Center's Office of Public Interest and Community Service. As part of the Anna Ivey team, Nicole works with law school applicants and people exploring legal careers.