Make Your Recommender's Life Easy

Questions about recommendations keep streaming in, but one potential issue caught my eye that you wouldn't necessarily know to flag or ask about. Here's a common way that an applicant might write to a recommender:

Dear So-and-So,

Thanks so much for volunteering to write my recommendation for law school. I'm really looking forward to our phone call/meeting to talk about my law school plans and goals. In the meantime, please let me know if you need another copy of the LSAC cover form for your recommendation. I can always send that to you again if you need another copy.

That's a nice email to write, but whenever you are dealing with a recommender, your first instinct should be: "How can I make his life easier?" Even if you gave him the form previously, why expect him to root around in his old emails trying to find it? It's much better for you just to reattach the form so he doesn't have to take that extra step. Make it easy for him to help you.

The same principle should apply when you are working for law firm partners or other people whose lives you need to be making easier rather than harder, especially when YOU are asking THEM to do something for you. Believe me, they will appreciate it the extra effort.

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Former Dean of Admissions at the University of Chicago Law School and a recovering lawyer, Anna Ivey founded Ivey Consulting to help college, law school, and MBA applicants navigate the admissions process. Read more admissions tips in The Ivey Guide to Law School Admissions, recently updated and available as an e-book. Follow Anna on Twitter (@annaivey).