Moron Tries to Bribe LSAC

Some moron tried to buy an advance copy of the LSAT exam from two LSAC employees by leaving a hundred dollar bill under their windshield wipers in the employee parking lot. How profoundly stupid on so many levels, not least: did he really think they'd be tempted to compromise their ethics and jeopardize their jobs for a hundred bucks? What planet does he live on? (In the sting, he upped the amount to $5,000, which changed hands in a McDonald's parking lot. Classy.) He is now being charged with four felonies.

As an admissions officer I once busted a guy after I suspected that his LSAT report looked phony. Indeed it was, although I have to give him props for the quality of his forgery. It turns out he had broken into our offices to doctor his file, and things proceeded to their sad conclusion from there. Even sadder: he likely would have gotten in without the fraud, breaking and entering, etc.

It's depressing that people do such stupid things, with such alarming consequences, all just to get into law school. Law school!

Note to would-be cheaters: If you get busted, no legitimate law school or state bar will touch you with a ten-foot pole. Your career will be over before it even starts.

I'll put this one in the "what was he thinking" file...