Praise for Ada from a rising HLS 1L

Nice praise from a happy camper for our team member Ada Sheng, which also appears on our Testimonials page. Nice job, both of you!

When I first read Ada’s profile I was extremely excited to speak with her on the phone. I figured, who better to help me prepare my applications than a past admissions officer from Harvard Law School? However, Ada’s approach was so much more than a quick fix. She came to the conversation with a plan to help me accentuate my strengths – unique characteristics about me that were just waiting to turn into the foundation of a phenomenal personal statement! Ada also helped me organize my professional time during the application cycle, which made a huge impact on my CV. At no point did Ada overly direct my themes or writing. She merely acted as a flashlight, precise with years of experience, illuminating the potential in my applications. Ada helped me edit my essays to perfection, and personally analyzed each legal institution and special program I was interested in.

Ada was always a phone call away and made herself extremely available, especially before my law school interviews. Thanks to Ada’s amazing interview prep, I was accepted to all of my top choice law schools, and also received two full ride scholarships. Ada then helped me navigate negotiations between school administrators regarding my scholarship options and grants.

When I first started my applications I told Ada my exact goals for the application cycle and I can now say that I will be attending the law school of my dreams, Harvard Law School!!  In all, working with Ada Sheng, and the entire Anna Ivey consulting group, has been the best investment I have ever made in applying and preparing for my legal education!