Pro Tip: Register for the October SAT (Reasoning or Subjects) by June 24

As you may already know, there were problems with the June 6, 2015, SAT Reasoning test because of misprints in the instructions on some of the test booklets. It took a little time for the dust to settle and for the College Board to decide how it was going to respond. As of now, the College Board has decided to do the following:

  1. Score the tests without including the scores from the affected sections (the affected sections were the last reading or math section – you might have had reading last or you might have had math last, but neither will be scored).
  2. Waive the fee for the October SAT Reasoning test for any test taker who lets the College Board know that their testing experience was negatively affected by the error.

You can get more information from the College Board’s website post about the matter here.

If you took the SAT Reasoning Test on June 6, 2015 OR you didn't take the June test but are planning to take a Reasoning or Subject Test in October, here's what we are recommending you do:


Here’s why:

  1. Because of the problems with the June test, the October administrations of both the SAT Reasoning and Subject tests are likely to sell out VERY, VERY quickly after the June test scores are released (on Thursday, June 25), and it is very likely they will sell out well before the registration deadline. 
  2. You want to guarantee yourself a seat at your preferred testing center, and the only way to guarantee that is to register yourself. If you intend to retake the SAT Reasoning Test and can obtain a fee waiver without any delay in your registration, then great, get your fee waiver. But if getting the fee waiver will delay your registration, or if you are planning on taking the SAT Subjects, then just pay the fee of $54.50 to register.

You might end up deciding that you don’t want to sit for a test in October and you’ll have spent $54.50 you didn’t need to spend... but consider this an insurance policy that will guarantee that you get to take the October test(s) if you want or need to.