Say Hello to Charles, Standardized Test Guru

Most people think of standardized tests as a necessary evil and really boring to think about.  Charles Williamson is not one of those people, and we're excited to bring him on board as an Ivey Files blogger.

For the past eight years, Charles hasn't met a standardized test he didn't like, helping hundreds of students in everything from the SAT and ACT to the SSAT to the GMAT to AP Calculus. 

A longtime student of the thought process that defines performance on standardized tests, Charles got off to a good start, receiving a perfect score on his SATs in high school. He then graduated from Brown University, earning bachelor's degrees in computer science and history.  He has long been fascinated by the intersection of education and technology, and when not writing about standardized tests and educational policy, he will be happy to speculate rampantly about how the Internet will affect the ways that we learn. 

Because all of the above makes him sound less than socially well-adjusted, I would hasten to add that he does lots of normal stuff too. If you bug him enough, he might even write about it.

Keep an eye out for his postings -- first one coming soon!