Secret LSAT Prep Tests?

LSAT tutor and blogger Steve Schwartz sends me this intriguing email. Check out his series of postings.

Hi Anna,

Hope you've been well.

I just published a series of posts about LSAC.

In this series, I report on the fact that certain LSAT PrepTests are only available to students who take prep courses. These exams are not available to students who choose to self-study.

The series includes excerpts of email and phone conversations with LSAC representatives, as well as emails from prep companies, verifying this.

There are five posts in the series, all of which I just published:

1. The Case of the Secret LSAT PrepTests

2. Official LSAT PrepTest February 1997

3. Cost of LSAT PrepTests | Self-Study vs. Course

4. LSAC's PrepTest Licensing Policy

5. Suggestions for LSAC on Restructuring LSAT PrepTest Sales