Tip for Older Students Taking New SAT This Weekend

Are you a non-traditional (read: older) student planning on taking the new SAT (aka rSAT) this weekend? If so, our friends at ArborBridge test prep are reminding us that there are special rules you need to be aware of, and might need to work around asap:

All of us adults who registered to take the March SAT this weekend so we could see the new test received an email from the CB [College Board] today telling us we had been booted to May instead. This month the CB is only allowing in students who are using the exam for college admissions purposes. This is an industry-wide trend and has happened to everyone (counselors, tutors, teachers, and community members). We have at least one report that it has also affected older students who are legitimate test takers applying to college. In this latter case, the CB has advised students to call and let the CB know that the student is a legitimate test taker so the CB can create an exception and let them in. They must do this ASAP for the CB to reinstate them in time (usually takes 24-48 hours).

Please post a comment if you run into this problem and let us know if and how it got resolved. Good luck on test day!