What Can Janeille Do For You? Take a Look

A great testimonial from one of Janeille's clients:

Janeille is phenomenal! I went into the law school application process worried that I wouldn’t receive an offer of admission from a top-twenty law school. Although I graduated summa cum laude from college, I struggled on the LSAT. Janeille never stopped having faith in my abilities and helped me prepare a strong application.

So much of the law school application process involves soul searching. Janeille helped guide me through this process and enabled me to highlight strengths I had overlooked. I went through nearly five different topics before I found the perfect topic for my personal statement. I then revised my personal statement over ten times. Janeille was always a phone call or email away if I ever needed her. She could have easily advised that my application was good to go after the fifth or sixth draft, but she was invested in my success and was patient throughout the process.

I am currently at a top-five law school, despite the fact that my LSAT was nearly ten points below my law school’s 25th percentile. I truly would not be at my law school today if not for Janeille. I have excelled in law school, and I attribute most of my success to Janeille. The skills that Janeille taught me were not just useful in the law school application process, but in law school and job searches as well.