Anna guided me through many pitfalls

I went to Anna having written, revised and completed an admittedly magnificent personal statement, a brilliant 250-word Yale essay, and an impressive resume. All I wanted from her was confirmation that my application material was ready to go, that it was tiptop and first-rate. On Anna's end, I expected nothing more than a proofread at most. As it turned out, the material contained errors that had nothing to do with things like grammar or format; they were subtle and yet substantive — they had to do with the very meat of the application, things that only an experienced Dean of Admissions could know. I had chosen, for example, what I now know to be a clearly erroneous personal statement topic.

Anna guided me through many pitfalls; she offered fantastic and substantive advice along the way. Some pieces of advice were macroscopic, like essay topics; other were as minute as specific words in my resume. By December, I was in at Stanford. By mid-February, I was in at Yale and Harvard. Were it not for Anna, I wouldn't be where I am today.

—Yale Law School