My confidence throughout the waiting process was priceless

My application needed to be delicate, a balancing act addressing a semester of failing grades and subsequent academic probation while also promoting my unique experiences. Meanwhile, my numbers (3.23, 170) left me at the edge of the top 14. I knew the quality of my applications could push the cards either way, so I phoned Anna.

The following day Anna edited my resume and addendum and together we restructured my personal statement, leaving 75% of it on the cutting room floor. The new positioning disregarded much of the literature on personal statements, but Anna assured me the strategy was sound. We worked together for one week, yet when I submitted my materials they only faintly resembled my previous drafts. The improvements were drastic, and I was certain my applications were as strong as possible.

Thanks to Anna's guidance I could have remained upbeat for months, but this was unnecessary as within three weeks I received admittance to a school in the top ten. Now, in February, I have multiple acceptances in the top 14 and am comparing financial offers. The results certainly justify the decision to consult Anna, but my confidence throughout the waiting process was priceless.

—Undecided T14 Law School