I am really ecstatic...

In these angst-ridden times of law school applications, even a ‘170-ish’ LSAT score no longer holds a guarantee of admission to the top schools. During my own application period, I was traveling and working extensive hours in consulting, and Anna’s expertise maximized the little time I had available. Anna provided me with a targeted, unifying approach for all areas of my application. She saved me from wasting time second-guessing my own decisions, and from having my essays ineffectively “reviewed” by friends who have no frame of reference on the matter. The result was a vastly superior application package to the one I had put together my own, and I was literally euphoric once my acceptances began to arrive. Regardless of one’s qualifications, the law school application process is a harrowing experience. Anna Ivey makes it manageable, efficient, and in many cases gratifying in the end. If I decide to pursue an MBA in the future, I will without hesitation contact Anna once again. [He did.] Bottom line: If you have experience participating in the internal dialogues and decisions at a top admissions office, then Anna Ivey is probably not for you. Otherwise, I would advise spending a fraction of a percent of the cost of graduate school to make the most of your credentials and increase your graduate school opportunities.


I wanted to write to you with the absolutely fantastic news that I have been admitted to the JD-MBA program at Kellogg. I just found out today. I really am ecstatic, and want to thank you for all of your help during these past 4 years. You've really been a great advisor and even support system throughout the whole process, so thank you for everything. I suppose now I'll have to update my quote on your website to reflect your MBA help as well, and to further extrapolate what a fantastic individual / effective advisor you are. And next time you are in Chicago, we have to meet up for a celebratory drink. Take care, Anna.

—Northwestern JD/MBA