Don't think twice about getting Anna's support

Were it not for Anna's advice and support, I know I would not have had the JD/MBA program options that I did. Anna was incredibly valuable throughout the process of applying to schools. It felt like a very short time between our initial conversation when I introduced myself and when I felt as though she really knew me and what my goals were (in life, not just in applying to schools). It was especially valuable to get her insider thoughts about the various programs and their match with me.

Anna is flexible, honest, and direct. She gave me space to work at my own pace, to take or leave her suggestions, and even to ask those dumb questions that I couldn't find anyone else to ask for fear of embarrassing myself.

It was not only her professional background and her professionalism as an admissions counselor, but her kindness and sincerity as a person that made it an honor and pleasure to have her work with me. I recommend her to anyone — no matter how confident and prepared one feels to take on the law and/or business school application process. The process is competitive and not just a numbers game — Anna will help throughout as you select schools, write your resume, choose your recommenders, and think through your essays. If you are prepared to take on the expense of applying to schools to begin with, make sure it pays off and don't think twice about getting Anna's support.

—Stanford JD/MBA