T25 with a 25th Percentile LSAT

I highly recommend Ada to any prospective law school applicant. She is amiable, prompt, and possesses impeccably discerning judgment that was a tremendous asset throughout the admissions process.

During Stage I, Ada helped me to reach the realization that deferring law school by a year was the best option. She provided me with valuable insights and suggestions on how to shape my professional and extracurricular development, during the interim period, in ways that greatly enhanced my personal and professional growth.

The greatest challenge I faced when applying to law school was my LSAT score; while I had a competitive GPA from a T-25 undergraduate institution, I could not replicate the 90th percentile scores that I consistently achieved on LSAT practice tests on the day of the LSAT.

Despite this challenge, I was able to get accepted to my top choice (T-25) law school with a 25th percentile LSAT score and a median GPA.

I firmly believe Ada’s feedback on my essays availed my LSAT score, and that my essays ultimately gained me acceptance into my top choice. The core task of the Personal Statement is effective communication. Ada and I worked together to calibrate my essays / supplemental questions (for each individual school) in ways that would resonate effectively with diverse audiences.

After comparing the first draft of my Personal Statement to the final product, I was amazed at how the latter conveyed my achievements and motivations in such a superior way than the former. Ada removed the detritus from my writing - enabling me to convey a compelling and concise message, and helped my genuine voice and humanity to resonate throughout my essays.

In sum, Ada is an excellent mentor and a pleasure to work with.