Top Ten with Ada's Help

Ada and the Ivey Consulting team were instrumental during my law school application process. After floundering through undergraduate applications, I knew I wanted another set of eyes to help guide me through the law school application process—I knew that law school was the best next step for me, and I wanted to put my best foot forward.

While I already had very specific reasons for applying to law school, Ada helped me to focus my undergraduate experience and extracurricular activities into a well-honed personal statement. It took several drafts for me to find my voice, but Ada was there through each step—from brainstorming to the final edits—helping me find a way to highlight my strengths in relation to law school application expectations. She was available to answer any and all questions I had, from questions about the application process and timing to more general questions about the law schools themselves. She talked me through the pros and cons on applying early decision and helped me set realistic application goals.

Together we crafted a targeted application approach that allowed me to focus my energy on applying to my top choice schools while also have a strong back-up plan I felt confident about. Overall, my law school application process was about as painless as I could have hoped for,and that is in large part due to Ada’s guidance. I am thrilled to be attending a top ten law school (and my top choice!) next year, and I can’tthank Ada and Ivey Consulting enough!

Thank you so much for everything, Ada! Good luck with your next batch next year (and the rest you have this year)!

—Top Ten with Ada's Help